Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cloth Diapers Review

I am a total cloth diaper snob.  I love it to no end.  Noelle was in disposables for a bit on Friday and Saturday, and I cannot stand the chemical smell! I thought I would review the brands I have tried so far.

Green Mountain Diapers: yellow edge.  These are great.  They are wide so they still fit around Noelle nicely with a snappi.  I have found that the "jelly roll" fold works best.  She is starting to outgrow them.  I think I will order some of the next size up-red edge.  I didn't think I would need prefolds once she was fitting in her one size diapers, but I find that I really like them for short term.  I use them a lot when I am doing the laundry and want all of my pockets clean at one time to send with Phil's mom when I am at work.  I also use them if, say, I am leaving to go out for a while in about an hour....and don't want to "waste" a clean pocket.  Orange edge is the newborn size.  I only have 6 of them which worked nicely, all though I was not able to snappi them as effectively.  I think that was just because prefolds did have a higher learning curve than I thought they would at the very beginning.  By the time I became a pro snappi-er, she had grown into the yellow edge.  I have 12 yellow edge.

Bummis:  These also worked well when I was using them.   I liked them at the very beginning, again, before I was a good snappi-er.  They are more of a rectangle, than a square however.  This just means that they are not wide enough to snappi around Noelle's waste.  I use them as burp cloths now.  When I first started using them, I actually liked them more than the yellow edge because they were not as wide.  I folded them horizontally instead of vertically, which then made them shorter so that the fit in the x-small covers perfectly.  This was when I was just trifolding them.  I have 12 of these.

Kissaluv Size 0 (KL0):  These are good diapers.  They fit right away and are a great night time option.  Newborn poop will not escape these things.....that's the best thing about them.  With prefolds there is a very good chance poop will get on the inside of the cover so you need quite a few covers in the early days to exclusively CD.  If no poop escapes, though, you can reuse the cover before washing.  It would not be cost effective to use only these for the newborn stage, however.  I think they run about $12 a diaper and you would need 30-36 of them so it would be a pretty penny for diapers you only use a short time.  I think Noelle fit in these for 4-6 weeks or so.  I have 6 KL0's.

Tinkle Traps:  These are made by a local work at home mom.  They come in super cute prints.  They have a nice snap in insert for added absorbency.  They are about 10-12 a diaper.  They worked equally as well as the KLO's, but much cuter.  Also, they don't feel quite as super, super soaked as the KL0's or prefolds when you change it.  I have 2 of these.


Thirsties:  These are wonderful covers.  I have 3 X-Small...all velcro (aka hook and loop or aplix), a few Small (someone gave those to me), and 2 "Duo's", which means they snap down and are two sizes in one diaper.  The double gussets in the legs contain the poop wonderfully!  I cannot see how poop would escape this cover as long as the diaper underneath is tucked in.  The xsmall were my favorite in the newborn days.  It was trimmer than the duos or the small.  The small worked well also.  Now that Noelle is bigger...the duo is my favorite.  It fits her perfectly when the rise is totally unsnapped.  Of course the owl and tree prints could also have something to do with why I love them so much. 

One size diapers (pocket):

BumGenius 4:  These are a very popular diaper.  It has a microfiber insert with microsuede that goes against baby's skin.  The outside of the diaper is made with waterproof PUL.  I have 5 velcro and 5 snap.  I like the velcro for overnights, because of how easy it is to change.  These are the only diapers I put on Noelle for overnight.  She can sleep 8 hours straight in one without a leak.  The microsuede does an AMAZING job of wicking moisture away from the skin.  Phil has on occasion gone to change one of these and thought it was totally dry and then felt in the pocket to find a completely saturated insert.  I have a total of 10.  They run $18 a piece and are worth every penny. 

Rumparoo:  I have 2 of these in velcro.  The prints are uber cute.  They have leaked on me maybe once or twice.  They have a very short rise, many people say these only fit until their babies are 6 or 7 we will see.  They are a bit bulky.  They have inner gussets which make it so poop is very unlikely to seep out the legs.  I hang dry all my pocket shells, and these take the longest to dry.  I'm not sure what material goes against the skin, but it is SUPER soft and feels very nice.  I got these on ecobaby buys, 2 for 27 dollars.  They run about $23 dollars for one.  I am glad I got these at this price, but I would not pay full price for them. 

Mama Kitty United:  I recieved 10 of these from my SIL as a gift, they are what she uses.  They have overlapping snaps which is nice because then you can get a nice snug fit with snaps, which you can usually only do with overlapping velcro.  They have a nice stay-dry feeling.  I have to have these double stuffed to not leak, which makes them bulkier.  I have also had poo escape from the legs.....which does not happen with most cloth diapers.  There is a lot of variance in the snaps.  On some of them....the snaps work fine, on others....I can't get it to snap tightly for the life of me.  They run about $10 per diaper.  That's a great price, but the quality just is not there.  That being said, they seem to be working well for my SIL so I guess it just depends on the baby. 

Bumkins:  I have only used these twice.  The first time some poo escaped the leg, but I think Noelle was still too small to fit in them well.  The second time, it worked well....but I did double stuff it.  The insert seems very small to me.  I have 2 of them that I got from Zulily for $10 each.  The prints are cute, but I don't typically reach for them.

Hybrid Diapers:

Flips:  These are made by the makers of BumGenius.  They are a one size cover with an insert.  The top layer of the insert is flannel which goes against baby's skin, and the underside is microfiber.  The insert folds down to accomodate the size that the cover is set on.  I like these diapers a lot.  The insert wicks wetness away from the skin very nicely.  The tabs that snap are flexible.  It is pretty trim and looks cute.  If the cover remains poopless, you just switch out the insert.  It's basically a more expensive way to do a prefold.   I bought a starter pack with 6 inserts and 2 covers.  Now that Noelle poops less, this works well.  When she was pooping more, however, it kind of negated the whole convenience of just switching out the insert because the cover will almost always get dirty with newborn poop.  It's rare that I actually use all 6 inserts before both covers get dirty.  The plus side is that they fit in the diaper bag really nicely, so I usually save them for when I am going somewhere.  I usually put one on her, bring the other cover and a couple inserts.  Sometimes I throw in an extra pocket diaper too, just incase Noelle decides to poop a million times in two hours.  Hasn't happened yet, but I like to be prepared.

That's all for now!  I'll do another post soon with cloth diapering accessories.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Random updates

Goodness I've been busy.  Between returning to work, going out of town, and taking care of household things I have been a very bad blogger.

Noelle's 2 month check up was on Valentines Day...also her daddy's birthday.  She weighed in at 11lbs, 14.5 oz-76th %, 21 3/4 inches-24%, 15in head circumfrence 31st%.  I'm quite certain both me and Phil would be in the low percentile for our heights and high percentiles for our I guess Noelle is no exception!

She is smiling and cooing up a storm these days.  It is so fun.  There is nothing better than her looking at you with a huge smile and knowing that she can do that because of the love and care she recieves every great.  She doesn't love tummy time, but doesn't hate it either.  We try to one or two good floor tummy time sessions each day, but it doesn't always happen.  What does always happen is lots of tummy to tummy time in baby carriers and chest naps. She is in mostly 0-3 month clothing, but some 3-6 month.  I just went to Carter's today and got a bunch of 6 month onesies and those two packs of ruffle bottom pants.  I've discovered my favorite thing to dress her in is a long sleeved decorative, nice looking onesie (usually colored and/or textured with a small little bow or flower at the top, or with a collar) with a pair of pants.  It looks like an actual outfit, but is still practical and easy...easier than a sleeper actually.  Less snaps. 

Speaking of snaps.....the baby world seems to revolve around them!  I mean, between my cloth diapers, onesies, sleepers, nursing garb, pack and play changing did we ever get by without them?

I am having a horribly difficult time getting Noelle's baptism scheduled.  It's the one thing that I have been most looking forward to since being pregnant it stinks it is taking so long.  It looks like it might happen memorial day weekend, but that seems so far away.  I also wanted to go to Washington DC for a conference that weekend, but I doubt I could really make that work anyway.

In my next few posts, I am hoping to do some reviews of different baby stay tuned if you are interested in hearing about the absurd number of things a very small person seems to require!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday-Big Girl Job

Sorry that I haven't updated since last weeks Flashback Friday.  I promise I will actually start talking about that sweet baby of mine soon!

This weeks flashback is actually like 5 flashbacks all in one!

This is one of my good college friends.  I went to school in New York, and moved to Cincinnati right after I graduated.  I moved to Cinci for my first "big girl" job.  A few months later, my college friend also landed a job at the same place as me!  She still lives here, and has 2 kids of her own now, and is actually who exposed me to cloth diapers.  We haven't gotten together since Noelle arrived, but I just sent her a message on FB to get that going.  Anyway, this is us at a fancy schmancey fundraiser for the job.  I'm about 23 in this pic.  I am embarrased to say that I drank a tad bit too much on this night.  I didn't make a fool out of myself or anything, but I would not drink like that at a work related function today. 

This is also a little bit of a sad picture for me.  Working there was a dream for me, a few months after this picture I was promoted to a different position.  It was my dream job.  9 months after that, I lost the job (nothing to do with my over-intake of alcohol at that fundraiser-I promise.)  I was beyond devastated.  My whole life basically fell apart.  I am still very good friends with a lot of people I met there.  I thought I would need to relocate and start life all over. All that I had worked for was....gone.  It was seriously one of the worst things that ever happened to me.

Two days after my last day there, this guy from church called me.  This guy who I had been driving to church with.  I actually had told him about some of the troubles I was having at the job in the weeks prior to this phone call.  He asked me out to lunch, and I agreed.  I showed up in jeans, a fleece, and my hair raggedly pulled in a pony tail....I was in fairly rough shape and really didn't care.  We went to lunch and chatted....and then I realized that I was actually on a date with this guy.....ooops! I ended up staying in Cincinnati.  About 20 months after this date, I married this truly wonderful man.  I had no idea in those early days that he would be the man of my dreams.  And then, 3 years TO THE DAY of losing that job, the job I thought was everything.....I peed on a stick and learned that I was going to be having a baby.  It's been a pretty remarkable few years.  It sure is amazing how things change!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday-Adolescence

One of the bloggers I follow does a "Flashback Friday" for her blog.  I thought this was a great idea as a way to spark some inspiration for a blog topic.  So this week I'll talk a little about my long time friends, all of whom I met in junior high.

These girls are my best friends.  I am one of those rare people who had a fabulous adolescence....I'd go back in a heartbeat.  Not that I don't love my life now, I truly do, but I loved it then too.  I'm not exactly sure how old we were when this picture was taken.  I think it's possible that it was summer '02 after we graduated high school.  This brings back happy memories because we used to just drive around and hang out at "castle" playgrounds, swing on swings, and do whatever else we felt like. 

4 of the 5 of us (I'm not in the picture) are married now.  Two are pregnant, before I had Noelle 3 of us were pregnant at the same time! One already has a 1 year old.  I never would have thought back when I was 13 horsing around throwing food at each other at Friendly's after a school dance, that these would be the same girls that I had a few drinks with(not till I was 20, I wasn't a teen drinker), that I'd watch them get married, have babies, lose babies, still talk to on the phone for hours, get a tattoo with, and just experience so, so many significant life events with.  I can't wait to meet the new babies in May and July!

They have helped shape me as a person.  I hope that Noelle has the same experience as me as a teenager.  It's probably a long shot, but that is what I will pray for. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to work

So, yesterday was my first day back to work.  I am really fortunate that I get to work part time.  I just work Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30-3:30, and Friday's 8:30-12.  It's perfect.  Enough time to interact with others and get out of the house, but not be away from my baby so much that I can't stand it. I work as a Developmental Specialist for Help Me Grow, which is Ohio's Early Intervention program.  This means I do home visits for children birth-3 who have or might be at risk for developmental delays or disabilities.  I offer support and coaching to families to help them help their children to develop within the context of their everyday routines.  Literally, my entire life is BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!  It sure is a good thing I like them so much!

Despite this perfect set up, it was still really hard to go back yesterday.  Grandma came to pick Noelle up around 7:30.  There were some tears right after she went out the door, and a few on the drive to work.  By the time I got to work though, I was okay.  I managed to only call to check in twice, but no one picked up the phone!  As it turned out...Grandma, Grandpa, Noelle, and my 1 yo niece Caroline got to go on an outting to church that day.  I managed the whole day without hearing how she was doing.  The day went by pretty slowly, and I was OUT THAT DOOR at 3:30.  Noelle did pretty well.  She is not a fan of the bottle, but she will take it with just a little fussing (which she does occasionally at the breast as well).  The day at work was pretty low key...mostly just weeding through emails and catching up with all that I had missed. I pumped twice during the day.  My car actually is the easiest place for me to pump right now.  Everywhere else in the office that I could go, I have to figure out when the space is available to make it work.  My car, however, is my own space and I can go in whenever I want!  I have a nursing cover so it's super discreet.  Half of the milk I pumped the first time ended up leaking out of the bottles.  Apparently the "leak proof rings" or "colic rings" or whatever you want to call them (Avent bottles) are essential even if you are not turning the bottle over to feed at the moment.  At first I was very sad to lose that 2.5 ounces of milk, but decided to switch my thinking and say "that's ok, I'll make more, and it doesn't cost any money!"  Not too many things in life that you can say that about.  Neat, huh?

The hardest part was that Phil had an event at his school and had to work late.  So, I came home after working, had to walk the dog, do the diaper laundry, wash the pump parts, repack the diaper bag for today, give Noelle a bath, have some quality time with all the living things in my house (child, husband, dog, cat) and try to fit in a shower for myself.  Yowsers.....welcome to the working mom life!

This is me and Noelle yesterday morning before heading off to work.

Today was another long day of working, but Noelle seems to be sleeping well in her crib for the this momma is off to try to take a bath before catching some Zzzzz's!